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What customers say about us

"GORNATION is an honest and high quality brand! A real good addition to the world of calisthenics! They deliver fast, they deliver awesome clothes and they are honest and inspiring people. Thanks for building this community GORNATION!"
- Tom 


"GORNATION is so awesome, I love it and I can't imagine calisthenics existing without them. Calisthenics and GORNATION belong together and I know they will both grow."

"The people behind GORNATION are really kind and open. They represent the sport well and get their message across through the clothing they provide. The clothing is in great quality, it feels amazing during the workout and during the day and it looks great! I definitely recommend it!"


"Simply. Love. It.
Been wearing GORNATION for about 6 months now, clean and durable quality, could only recommend to anyone looking for awesome fitting and looking calisthenics clothes"